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Garden Update 8/6/2014

Things are getting a little out of control, and I love it. Observe the gargantuan pumpkin vine below.  This was taken on July 30. It runs the length of the 12 foot garden, but at a diagonal – is it … Continue reading

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“My Little Jungle”

We are getting so much rain this summer, and my garden is happy for it! I have hardly had to supplement with my stored rain water because we’ve had one to two inches of rainfall pretty much every week. I … Continue reading

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Puny Pumpkin Patch

I don’t know the rules for a pumpkin patch. Mine is a patch of one. I planted it in for the autumn, to have some greenie growth when other plants are fading, some cheery color when brown starts to take … Continue reading

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Where the Red Rose Grows

My red rose bush is blossoming, after a much needed, albeit late, hack-back. The iPhone doesn’t capture the deep velvety red that is apparent to the naked eye.

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Blueberry Bushes

I have foggy memories of my mother’s bleeding heart in our back yard when I was little, before my parents took down the white picket fence and let us roam free. Mother’s Day weekend my Honey and I were looking for one to … Continue reading

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Baby Sugar Daddy

Yesterday there were none and today there about 6 tiny pea pods on the vine. I found them by accident – I picked an old white blossom off a neighboring tomato. I’m so excited to watch them plump up and … Continue reading

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Peony Progression

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