Garden Update 7/30/2014

My tomatoes are out of control. In fact, the picture below was taken at the beginning of the month.

I’ve since had to take out two plants and possibly looking at taking out a third due to wilt. The other plants are looking ok, except for where excessive weight has bent a branch.
In “finally!” news, the green tomatoes are finally starting to ripen! I thought the day would never come.

I had a great run with the Empress beans from Seed Savers International. They are tasty, truly stringless even at 8 inches! I’ve planted a second round and looking forward to those too.



The pumpkin is taking over part of the lawn now, much to Honey’s chagrin. He’s in charge of the mowing and finds it a pain in the ass to jigsaw around this monster.

But I like messy! I honestly hadn’t the slightest idea how big a pumpkin could get; my puny patch ain’t so puny anymore! It shares a root space with a “volunteer” squash, which is actually growing a fruit!

I have zero idea what specific kind of fruit it will turn out to be. Honey thinks I’m nuts, I find it exciting. There’s another squash or melon or something growing out of the old compost pile, looking like it wants to fruit.



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