8/16/14 – Pumpkin Update

My glorious pumpkin – not shown: bastard rodent bite marks.

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Garden Update 8/6/2014

Things are getting a little out of control, and I love it. Observe the gargantuan pumpkin vine below.  This was taken on July 30. It runs the length of the 12 foot garden, but at a diagonal – is it 14, 15 feet long? It now has two tiny baby fruits. So at the very least, we will have that… Although, I’m hoping for more so I won’t be devastated when the squirrels and chipmunks start feasting on them. I have fed it nothing besides the compost we made last fall.

find me behind tomatoes The same vine, One Week Later: IMG_1179 IMG_1178 Did you also notice my hands sticking up from behind the tomato plants? These same plants that I grew from seed at the end of our cold, cold winter? Some of the vines have been lashed back toward the trellis; if they stood straight up, they might be 8 or 9 feet tall.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we now have ripening fruit on the Fox Cherry vine – though they are not really cherry sized anymore. We have one truly red tomato and two more that are just blushing. I am eager to taste them, but would like to be sure they are good and ripe. For now, the green tomatoes far outnumber these three reddish ones. Of course, I am also anxiously awaiting the Yellow Pear to turn, well, yellow. All of the Martian Giants are still pale green, and the Brandywines have not grown one blossom.


Here are some other views from around the garden: Finally bigger-than-a-pea peppers, cucumber blossoms, and yellow summer squash blossoms.

IMG_1177 IMG_1176 IMG_1175

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Garden Update 7/30/2014

My tomatoes are out of control. In fact, the picture below was taken at the beginning of the month.

I’ve since had to take out two plants and possibly looking at taking out a third due to wilt. The other plants are looking ok, except for where excessive weight has bent a branch.
In “finally!” news, the green tomatoes are finally starting to ripen! I thought the day would never come.

I had a great run with the Empress beans from Seed Savers International. They are tasty, truly stringless even at 8 inches! I’ve planted a second round and looking forward to those too.



The pumpkin is taking over part of the lawn now, much to Honey’s chagrin. He’s in charge of the mowing and finds it a pain in the ass to jigsaw around this monster.

But I like messy! I honestly hadn’t the slightest idea how big a pumpkin could get; my puny patch ain’t so puny anymore! It shares a root space with a “volunteer” squash, which is actually growing a fruit!

I have zero idea what specific kind of fruit it will turn out to be. Honey thinks I’m nuts, I find it exciting. There’s another squash or melon or something growing out of the old compost pile, looking like it wants to fruit.



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Evil Slugs


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“My Little Jungle”

We are getting so much rain this summer, and my garden is happy for it! I have hardly had to supplement with my stored rain water because we’ve had one to two inches of rainfall pretty much every week.

I harvested all my peas today for an awesome salad I shared with Josh and I’ve noticed some fox cherry, a yellow pear, and a Martian giant growing on my tomato vines. They are getting so huge, even taller than me!






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Lillies and a Rose





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What’s this?

A firefly on a Grand Rapids lettuce.

Reference: insect identification

Two candy-striped leaf hoppers on a nasturtium.

20140618-092248-33768560.jpg Reference: insect identification

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